Camry Mosquito killer UV LED fan lamp CR 7937 2.5 W


Camry Mosquito killer UV LED fan lamp CR 7937 2.5 W

CR 7937
Kaubamärk CAMRY
SKU ACC-337841

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al. 1-3 tp
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al. 1-4 tp
Brutokaal0.702 kg
EritunnusedLures UV light, sucks in a fan, stores dead insects for disposal; Safe for humans and animals - works without the use of chemicals, without releasing harmful substances; Effective protection against: mosquitoes, flies, wasps and moths; Solid construction made of high quality ABS plastic; Operating position of the device: free standing; Application: inside, non-stop connected to charger at a camping or laptop at home; Insect container: detachable tray easy to clean
Bruto Sügavus (mm)143 mm
Brutokõrgus (mm)248 mm
Brutolaius (mm)145 mm
Garantii24 month(s)
Muud funktsioonidArea of operation up to 100 m2; Mosquito killer UV LED fan lamp USB; 395nm UV LED light for attracting insects; LED lamps lifetime of 10. 000 hours; Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 22,2cm; Quiet operation <45 dB; Rated Output: DC 5V 1A; Micro USB cord included
Netokaal0.382 kg
Võimsus2.5 W
Sisseehitatud valgustiJah
Gross depth master carton435 mm
Gross height master carton520 mm
Gross width master carton300 mm
Inner carton packing Qty6.00 pc(s)
Kogus pakendis12 pc(s)
Maht (m3)0.00514228 m³
Net weight master carton8.424 kg
Paber/Papp320 g
Producer product familyMosquito killer UV LED fan lamp
Producer product nameCR 7937
Sisseehitatud akuEi
Taara kaal (kg)0.32 kg
Tare weight master carton1.154 kg
WEE klassifikatsioonCL109:5:2017-04-01
WEEE maksJah
Kaubamärk CAMRY
Garantii 24 kuud
Tarne väljastuspunkti al. 1-3 tp
Tarne kulleriga al. 1-4 tp
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